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Departure Assistance

Helps ensure the success of the next assignment by allowing the transferee and family focus on the new location and role.

Area Orientation

Firsthand knowledge of the new community can help overcome any objections to the relocation and produce a positive expectation.

Settling In Services

Assisting the transferee with logistics and in- depth familiarization with the new community, ensures  a smoother transition.

Educational Guidance

Once the family is comfortable with school or district selection, they can move forward with more confidence.

Homefind Assistance

A smooth and rapid homefind will reduce stress and strengthen positive expectations of the relocation.

Professional Relocation

Serving the global community with international expertise in the New York City area and Greater Boston.


orking hand-in-hand with recruiters, department heads, human resource managers and third-party companies, we help global assignees and domestic employees to successfully transition into their new lifestyle. Focusing on the assignee and their families, we act as their advocate to provide a positive relocation experience. We offer highly personalized and flexible programs, experience, expertise, and a wealth of regional knowledge that only a local company can provide. Always available, we treat each assignment as if it were our only assignment.

Benefit to the Corporation:Maximizing employee productivity by minimizing the time, stress and costs involved in settling into the new community.

Relocation Services

Studies have shown that guided assistance is especially critical to the success of any assignment. In all aspects of the move, The Mulberry Group functions as an advocate, insuring an unsurpassed level of personalized relocation assistance to candidates, new hires and transferring employees, and their families. Learn More about our services.

Homefind Assistance

With rents and sales prices among the highest in the country, New York City and the surrounding suburbs and cities in Westchester County, NY, New Jersey, Connecticut and the Greater Boston Area offer a wide variety of housing options. Whether looking to rent or purchase, it is indeed a challenge to a newcomer to find the right location and property. Learn how we can help.

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